Explore Aarhus

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. Below you will find a list of “must-see” attractions in Aarhus – all with a special discount for conference participants.

Den Gamle By (The Old Town)

The Old Town is the world’s first open-air museum of urban history and culture in Denmark through three centuries. The museum is awarded the maximum three stars in the Michelin Travel Guide and an absolute must see when visiting Aarhus.

The Old Town has more than 75 historic houses relocated from all over Denmark. The town districts are complete with streets, houses, townhouses, backyards, gardens, shops, and workshops re-erected precisely as in the past. From April to December you can experience Living History, where the museum is brought back to life with historical tools, activities and costumes being incorporated to give museum guests an authentic sense of going back in time. You get to experience the everyday lives of Danish families, meet the people of yore in the grocery shop, the living room, and the kitchen, where they will be dressed, working and behaving just like they did in the old days when cooking, sewing, needling, or servicing customers in the shops.

Entrance fee is free for conference participants with a voucher

Photo: Den Gamle By
Photo: Den Gamle By

KØN - Gender Museum Denmark

KØN - Gender Museum Denmark (former women’s museum) focuses on gender culture and gender issues, equality, body, and sexuality. The museum’s vision is to spark curiosity, reflection, dialogue, and knowledge about the meaning of gender and deals with the cultural history of gender in a broader perspective.

Experience the permanent exhibition ”Gender Blender” that reflects upon questions such as: What does gender mean in our society? Why do I play with cars and not dolls? What is normal? What is equality? Does it matter if I’m born a boy or a girl? Or maybe you want to explore how sexual education has changed through the last 200 years by visiting the permanent exhibition “Sexual education through time”.

Show of voucher gives 20% discount on entrance fee.

Photo: VisitAarhus

ARoS Art Museum

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is one of the largest museums in Northern Europe. Inside the museum you will find art at all of the 10 floors. On the upper floors you can dive into in the museum’s own art collections from the 19th century and up to present day. In the downstairs area, you will find the special exhibitions. You can explore e.g., the exhibition space “The nine spaces” in the subterranean basement level of ARoS, specially designed for international art installations. On the roof of ARoS you can visit the spectacular artwork “Your Rainbow Panorama” made by the Danish/Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson. The rainbow with a coloured glass walkway measures 52 metres in diameter and offers a 150 metre long panoramic path with a beautiful 360º view of Aarhus city.

A 50% reduction in entrance fee is available for conference participants with a voucher.

Photo: Anders Trærup
Photo: Anders Trærup
Photo: Anders Trærup
Photo: Robin Skjoldborg